Services Through our Member Practices

TyneHealth currently holds contracts for the delivery of some community services, which continue to be provided by our member practices for the residents of North Tyneside.

NHS Health checks

Most people are well - healthy and happy.  Most of us hardly use our GP surgery for anything - as a general rule, 90% of people don't need their GP practice for 90% of the time.

But do you really know that you are healthy?

Once you reach 40 years old, it's time to start getting regular MOTs (checkups).  These are called NHS Health Checks, and between 40 and 74 years old, you should get an NHS Health Check every 5 years, usually in the month of your birthday (75 onwards, you'll get regular checkups more often).

The NHS Health check tests your cholesterol, height, weight, BMI and so on, and we look for anything that might cause you illness or problems in the future, which if we can catch it early, we can avoid completely or nearly completely.

When you get an invitation, please arrange an appointment with your practice.

Community DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis) pathway

This is one of our newest pathways.  If you sit still for too long, especially if you are a little cramped, then you may develop blockages and swollen legs.  People think it happens on long flights in economy seats, but it also happens if you sit at home without getting up and moving around.

It's usually nothing to worry about - you go to your GP, who checks out some things, and if there's any suspicion that it could be DVT, then they will refer you to a specialist GP practice in North Tyneside who will check you further and make sure you are safe.  Some people need to go to Cramlington to the specialist centre there, but for most people, we can check it out and treat you for something harmless.

If your GP refers you (tells you to go) to the specialist GP practice or Cramlington, just because it's usually harmless, you MUST go to your appointment and get it checked out.  Better to be safe than sorry.

Sexual Health - Long-Acting Reversible Contraception (LARC)

A great many North Tyneside practices can help you plan your family, through contraception.  Your practice reception team can tell you about it.  Please ask.

And remember, teenagers can usually have an appointment with the GP or nurse without your parent, and you can bring a friend if it makes you feel more comfortable.  Your notes and your conversations with the GP are confidential and only used for delivering patient care.

Community Menorrhagia Pathway

Some women suffer Menorrhagia and the usual oral treatments haven't been effective.  Please note that this condition is usually easily treated, so if you suffer from it, don't suffer in silence but visit your GP.

If the oral treatment doesn't work, then we will usually want to investigate in more detail.  Your own GP Practice may have the specialist in to treat you, or your GP may make an appointment with another North Tyneside GP Practice to give you a check-up and if appropriate, treat you on the spot with a Mirena Coil (Inter Uterine Device, one of the LARCs).

If there's any suspicion that you might have abnormal cells, then your GP or the specialist GP will always refer you to hospital, and since this can be cured if detected early enough, then go to the hospital as soon as you can get an appointment.  But be reassured - mostly it's treated simply with the oral treatment (oestrogen/ progesterone tablets)

Evening and Weekend Appointments

If you need an appointment in the evening or the weekend because you are busy during the week, then please continue to arrange it through your own GP practice.  We have appointments until 8pm every weekday and on Saturdays and Sundays, to see a doctor (GP), nurse or Health Care Assistant.  Some of these appointments are at hubs or central locations, but they are all provided by local doctors and nurses and they have full access to your patient notes.  Please remember to ask.

Same Day Urgent appointments

There are lots of things you can do to manage your own health, and sometimes it's entirely appropriate to go to your pharmacist for over-the-counter medication and for advice.  If you've had a major accident or it's an emergency (chest pain, shortness of breath, profuse bleeding) then you need to call 999 and go to A&E.

Most of the time, however, your GP is the right place to go.  All of our practices will see children under 5 within a few hours (please phone first).  We're also putting on more same day appointments through the Evening and Weekend hubs, so please ring your GP practice to get the right advice and to be booked.

You can also phone NHS 111 for an assessment.  If it's appropriate, you can be booked into your GP practice or an appointment in the hub.